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Soon We'll Be There

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Hello, and welcome to 'Soon We'll Be There', a graphic and writing contest community for all manner of fandoms, and original works.

Below is all the information you need to know to participate.


All icons must be 100x100, and within LJ usage requirements. All other graphics are to be at determined diameters when the contests are announced.

Stories and art may not contain nudity or any kind of sexually explicit material. You are welcome to have sexual references, but let’s keep it at a Disney-appropriate level (for the younger community members), and ensure we all use appropriate warnings.

For graphic contest challenges, you have five days to complete the challenge, and the final two days will be for the voting process to be completed by members.

Writing contest challenges will run from anywhere between 1-2 weeks, but the same two days for the voting process will run at the end of the given challenge.

Winners of each previous challenge will be announced on the same day as the new contest challenges are issued.

Generally there will be both a fiction and graphic contest challenge announced on the same day (although this might not always be the case, this all depends on the type of writing contest challenge that was last issued).

Which types of contest challenges are issued will change from each week to the next. This can be anywhere between a drabble and a short story of 4,000 or less words for writing contest challenges, or icons and banners for graphic contest challenges.

In regards to what you can submit; so long as your submissions meet the requirement of the given contest challenges, you can submit work from either fandom (e.g: movies, television series, manga, comics, etc,.) or original sources (e.g: original works of fiction, stock photography, hand drawn art, pet and family photos, etc).

All winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will receive a special-made banner which they can showcase on their LJ, website, or wherever you would like to show it off.

When noted on the contest challenges, additional banners will be given out for special winners, such as mod choice, most creative, most humorous, and the like.


Please, also, do NOT post your graphics or writings anywhere else until after the voting process is completed, and the winners are announced. Thank you :)


If you have any questions about the above information, or anything else related to the contest challenges, please do not hesitate to contact tyniere at tyniere@gmail.com.


These kind folks are affiliated with soonwellbethere. If you'd like to become an affiliate, leave a reply on any of the posts, or drop me an email (shown above).